Will you pray for an orphan?

Jim and I have just started reading a book that was recommended to us months ago: The Boy from Baby House 10. The subtitle: From the nightmare of a Russian orphanage to a new life in America.

Oh my goodness. While reading the early chapters we are struck with how consistent this is to the life in orphanages in Ukraine. Sure, some orphanages look better, but, unfortunately, the care for the least of these is rarely adequate.

It is a difficult book to read, though I know that in this particular case the young boy is adopted. But how many children are still here in orphanages…waiting for someone, anyone, to be their parents? Countless.

I challenge you to read this book and not be affected. And then I would ask that you consider what part you might play in an orphan’s life. Not everyone is called to adopt, but there are lots of other ways to become involved!

Begin by praying for the children and the caregivers. Pray for prospective parents. Pray for those adopting parents who are already in the process…that paperwork will move quickly through this corrupt system.

Pray for the families who are already home with their ‘forever’ children. Life has changed permanently for these families. Pray for the siblings and the extended families. Pray for friends for these children.

And then ask God to reveal to YOU what your role might be.



  1. I added the book to my list. Amazon has the hardcover for under $10.

    Thanks for the recommendation, and the challenge…

  2. Let me know what you think, Vicky.

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