In the kitchen

I’ve been busy baking cookies — new variants this year. Of course, I will always have my favorites…is there really a Christmas platter that doesn’t have cut-outs?

I must say that one recipe was slightly confusing. It began with preheating the oven. Mixing, blending, sifting. The normal things. Then it says to chill overnight. What? My oven has preheated! Oh, well. Oven off and then made them the next afternoon…super chocolatey crinkles. It’s the first time that I’ve made them and the chocolate was a dark chocolate candy bar from here in Ukraine. A lot of work, but worth the wait!

Managed to not burn myself. Until this afternoon. Nothing major, just annoying.

So enjoying listening to hymns and other Christmas music as I bake. Lots of time to ponder the words and marvel at the love that has been bestowed upon each of us. Unconditional love. And the grace that has been poured over us. I don’t know about you, but I can always use an extra measure of grace.

He paid my penalty. And when my trials and tribulations come — which He has said will come to those who believe — I need not be surprised or discouraged. As a friend reminded me yesterday in a post she had written, we are in spiritual warfare in this world. The battle is His. He will fight it His way. And He will be victorious.

O Come Emmanuel.



  1. amen!

    we miss y’all! merry christmas, dear ones! xox

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