Children’s hospice care

Children’s hospice care. Not a place for children to die, but a place for children with long-term needs to LIVE.

Children’s hospice care is a fairly new concept on this side of the Pond. But we are connected with a physician who is passionate about the need for a facility for children in Ukraine. A twenty-bed facility as a start. Or maybe two ten-bed sites.

Currently there are two children living at the National Children’s Hospital who could be living outside of this intense setting…but they still need some ongoing care. One is a little girl who has been living at the hospital for three years because she needs kidney dialysis three times a week. She is HIV+. Another child, a young boy, is living at the hospital with his mother…he is also HIV+ and in a wheelchair. He has some other issues that make the mom nervous to leave this controlled environment. A hospice setting would be ideal for them.

A hospice center. Fresh air. Away from the intensity of the hospital setting. An opportunity to learn how to live outside of a hospital or an orphanage.

Pray with us as we learn about the possibilities here in Ukraine.

And ask yourself how you might personally become involved…



  1. If the little girl is in need of an adoptive family, or if any of your children with HIV are in need of families, please let me know their name and photo and I will advocate. It works!

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