A is for angel

Today I was excited to return to the community center where I spent last year teaching English to pre-schoolers. Having been out of the country since the end of September I wasn’t sure how it was going to go — whether there would be interested children, whether they really wanted to learn English, whether I was up for repeating some of last year’s activities…especially the exercise cassette that has all of us moving to songs about animals.

The director called yesterday to say that she had rounded up seven children for this week with an eighth added for next week. Sounded like a good way to get started.

Well, when we arrived we learned that we would have TWELVE students. (So thankful that I had materials for more than seven…and also thankful for a xerox machine on site to make a few extras.) We covered the regular material for beginning English: My name is … (and then we wrote our names in both Ukrainian and English on desk tags). I am … years old. (We added our ages to the name tags.) We looked at the entire alphabet and then each child pointed out the letter that started his/her name. And, of course, we colored an A is for Apple sheet.

We followed the ‘A’ excitement with a Bible story…specifically about an angel talking to Mary and telling her about her son to be born — God’s own Son — and that she would name him Jesus. We briefly discussed that His birthday is coming soon. (Did you know that Miroslava’s birthday is next week? Well, you would know if you were in my class…) We made paper angels for the children to take home to remind them that an angel announced that God’s own Son would be born to Mary and that his name would be Jesus.

After cleaning up the glitter glue and putting the crayons away, the children washed their hands and returned for a snack. But first one of the children thanked God for the fruit. Very sweet.

Our snack? You guessed it: Apples. It is ‘A’ Day, you know.



  1. fun! and twelve students! praise jesus!

  2. That sounds like so much FUN for students AND teacher! 12 preschoolers learning English sounds very entertaining.

    Question: Do you know of any short term (like 2-3 months) mission trip opportunities this spring in Ukraine, working with orphans (particularly special needs orphans) or children in some way? I am hoping to get some hands-on experience between March and June.

  3. Vicky: Please email me at marianna@ukrainemedicaloutreach.org

    or send a message through facebook, if you’re there!

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