Ty and Sally

God brings amazing people into our lives on a regular basis. We are humbled by the opportunity to serve ANY of them in ANY small way. Ty and Sally are two very special friends…we first met them several years back when they adopted Mose from Ukraine. At that time there were two beautiful blonde girls waiting at home for their parents to join them for Christmas. Ty and Sally were able to return for a short week, but the process was not completed in Ukraine and Mose was still at his orphanage. The Batchelors plucked him from there in early January and Mose finally had a forever family.

Shortly thereafter, Sally delivered Rhett and the family quickly grew to 6.

We had a quick visit with them last month (though Ty wasn’t home…off at work!) and witnessed a loving gracious family. Kids are kids (and sinners as are we) so not everything was exactly as Sally would have liked, but there was an obvious love of the Lord and commitment to Him as we all interacted.

Along with the gorgeous family pictures proudly hanging throughout their home were two new faces. Dark faces. Ugandan faces. These two new faces were of two little boys who don’t yet know what a forever family is. And don’t have a clue what life in Alabama will be like. But the Batchelors are on another adventure claiming these children as their own.

Currently Ty is snowed-in at an airport in Amsterdam and Sally is dealing with the bureaucracy concerning adoption in Uganda. They are posting regularly on their blog…honest posts. What they’re feeling as they deal with each challenge along the way.

One prayer request that struck a chord with me is the desire to be home in Alabama — everyone — to celebrate Christmas. Won’t you join us in praying for this heart’s desire?

Follow the Batchelor’s journey here. You will be blessed by each entry.



  1. Delighted to join you in fervent prayer for pre-Christmas return of Sally and the boys.

  2. Amen!

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