AIDS and Ukraine

We often talk to people about the AIDS epidemic in Ukraine. We frequently mention that it is poised to be the next Africa if the government and people continue to put their collective heads in the sand and deny this overwhelming fact.

Oftentimes we read that the AIDS epidemic worldwide is slowly decreasing. New cases are dropping. Hang in there, Ukraine, it’s getting better.

But, that’s just not the case. Though cases are dropping worldwide — particularly in places that are aggressively working among the infected and those most highly at risk — the sad statistics in Ukraine are still very much on the rise. Would you believe the cases have tripled since 2000 in Eastern Europe and Asia?

Please pray for the leaders, for the decision-makers, for the infected, for their families. Please pray for eyes to be opened and for willingness to look and see what is happening here.

And pray for the babies…those orphaned and those simply abandoned. Pray for forever families for them in Ukraine or elsewhere in the world. (The U.S. now accepts these children readily across its border! I am thrilled to know many of the families who have taken these children into their homes!)

New laws will soon be presented to the president for signature. Though I don’t agree with all that is written, they are a great step forward in dealing with a crisis that is getting out of hand. Read more about this situation here, and pray accordingly!



  1. Praying, so thankful for your following god’s leading in your lives! Love you!

  2. Thanks, Hannah.

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