November already?

I must say that I am not thrilled that November is here. I absolutely LOVE the temperatures, the foliage color show, fires in the fireplace, Thanksgiving feasts. But this is also the month that we leave the States and return to Ukraine.

Not that I’m wishing to NOT return to Ukraine. We love our lives there and we love our friends there. And our ministry is booming! But when ALL of our children and spouses are in the States, it’s going to be hard to get on that plane. Add to that a new member to the family…our first grandchild…who will be two months old when we leave.

We are having a fabulous time here in the States. We have seen old friends, made new friends, reconnected with long-lost friends. We had all of our family in the same place at the same time in America for the first time ever! We will soon be taking Milan to meet his great-grandmother in Ohio and will be staying with dear friends there. High school football games in Alabama are on the agenda. Adoption celebrations.

And a huge gathering of friends and family is scheduled for Thanksgiving…our last weekend in the country.

Please continue to pray for us as we meet with friends and family.

And I really DO promise to post pictures. And soon!


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