What a pleasant surprise yesterday afternoon…after first being disappointed that there were no children in “my” room at the hospital. Danny, Liese, Jake, Anya, and Cara came by with two little Knotts. Cara has blessed me with the use of her computer (mine is out of commission until we get to the States) and even hand-delivered it to me. In return I made a pot of Starbucks and even had cold Coke Light.

I love when this crew all gets together because we’re comfortable enough with each other to ask difficult questions and expect a biblically-sound answer. Yesterday’s questions centered around a pastoral approach to families with special needs children. Particularly families with newborns…so often in Ukraine the response of parents to a special-needs child is to hide the child or put the child in an institution. Christian parents wonder what sin in their lives produced this consequence, and believe that God will physically heal the child. He can do that, of course, but it’s rare indeed. How does one encourage parents to begin working with the child at this young age?

Great discussion took place as we all attempted to think through how we might offer real hope to the parents. Parents who don’t necessarily want to hear the truth.

Pray for pastors. Such a privilege and an incredible responsibility to shepherd the flock.



  1. Oh how my heart breaks!

    Praying for wisdom for the pastors and Christian doctors; praying God protects the faith of the parents and uses these difficulties to draw them ever nearer to Him.

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