I’m not quite sure why my mind is racing and my emotions are on edge.

Could it be that it’s now September 1 which marks the beginning of the school year in Ukraine. First bell. A major event in the lives of children here. All are dressed in their best and present candy and flowers to their teachers. (Early training in bribery? Hope not!) Probably not the cause of my edginess — I have no children in school here.

Could it be that within the next four weeks, I’ll be a first-time grandma? Well, that might possibly be adding to the excitement in our lives! But, again, I’m not the one going through the process. I simply receive the call when he makes his safe arrival into our world.

Could it be that we will be in the States in just under four weeks, and I don’t have the itinerary yet completed? Maybe. We have a few days yet unaccounted for as far as speaking to out-of-town friends and churches. Thankfully, Jeanne is acting as boss of our local Salisbury calendar!

Could it be that my laptop is seriously ill and needs to go to the doctor in America? Ugh. Poor timing…from my perspective. All of our pictures, many contacts, etc. are hidden from view until we reach the States.

Could it be that during the next four weeks we will have house guests for the majority of those days? No problem. Actually our guests often energize us and we love to get to know visitors. And adopting couples…right, Harpers?? You ARE returning soon, aren’t you??

I am anticipating a wonderful adventure in America. Lots of friends and family to visit as we travel around. Mom’s birthday in November. A newborn grandson. ALL my children in the same country at the same time — hopefully we can all be in the same HOUSE at the same time…at least for a few hours. Don’t know WHEN that last happened!

In all honesty, I’m already dreading the good-byes that will be said at the end of November as we return to Kyiv.

On top of these things, I think what is making me so sad or so emotional or so something, is that I don’t want to say goodbye to the people here, either! Especially the children. Not at the hospital and not at the community center.

May the Lord raise up some compassionate worker bees to join me these next few weeks as I venture to the hospitals to visit these very sick children. Their smiles light up the room when they receive company. And we have the privilege of taking these children to church with us each Sunday. May SOMEONE feel called to carry on this part of our ministry while we’re in the States.

Seventeen months since our last visit to America. I am counting down the days and have begun pondering what to pack…well, besides the Christmas gifts that we will be leaving there! And the little goodies that we’ve found for a certain little newborn.

Okay, I’m feeling better now. Much to be accomplished between now and the 28th.

Please pray for me. For worker bees. For good use of available time.

And may He be glorified throughout this whole process.



  1. Oh-so many things! Woohoo for little grandbabe;)
    We so wish we could see you when you are stateside:( love you ALL! Praying for safe easy trip here and home! Xoxo

  2. Nikki Morris says:

    You are always welcome at the Morris house. We might even grace you with some conducting and drumming 🙂

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