Happy 5th Anniversary

Hard to believe that it’s really been five years since Jamie and Dasha said ‘I do!’ Five years ago, there was not a distinct smell of smoke in the air. The temperature was warm, but much more bearable than today. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding in a park in Dasha’s childhood neighborhood. They honeymooned in Crimea.

Now they’re here visiting for a couple of weeks, but have been living in Boston for over a year. Looking forward to a willage celebration tonight with relatives and friends.

We love you, Jamie and Dasha. And we wish you many more happy wedding anniversaries. May God continue to grow you closer and closer to Him which will also draw you closer to each other.

And we also hope to share some more Cape Cod moments with you…

On the Cape...Jamie and Dasha



  1. they are so stinkin’ adorable! good grief! xoxo

  2. You’re right.

  3. Suzanne Taylor says:

    “We honey-mooned” in Crimea sounds so mysterious and elegant:-)

  4. Not quite like the drama and love surrounding elopement, my friend. ;o)

  5. thanks so much! what a sweet post. and a lovely picture. thanks, Toma!

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