Fleming family visit

Sometimes just living in the city makes us a prime location for overnight visitors. One such visit happened at the end of June. Prior to their visit I had only met Lorinda. We saw each other — and often shared at least one meal — at a women’s conference that took place in Kyiv every other year. And, thanks to facebook, we have stayed in better contact since the last retreat.

Anyway, she and her husband were coming into Kyiv and needed a place to stay for one night. Their three children needed to be at a camp bus too early the next day to make the several-hour trip from western Ukraine (without taking a bus through the night, ugh!). We looked forward to meeting the whole family!

Naturally, the first stop was the Balcony Cafe…just off of their room. This is definitely the largest group to all dine together there. Cozy conversations!

Fleming clan

We then took a walk around Podil. You never know for sure what might be going on at any given time. A promotion for football:


And we concluded our walk at a corner bookstore. This woman was thrilled to have us there. It so reminded me of our children going into old bookstores all over Cape Cod and Maryland. Lorinda was looking for some age-appropriate material for language lessons in their homeschool classes. Some great finds!
Corner bookstore
If you get the chance to host the Flemings, grab it! Their children are delightful and I think we could have stayed up into the wee hours if we hadn’t known that the next morning was to be an early one.

Y’all come back now, ya hear!


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