Express metro

I heard this story last week — from the ones who actually lived it — but just haven’t had time to sit down and type it up. Still makes me laugh!

This has to be one of my most favorite stories ever that has to do with experiencing life in Kyiv.

So, picture this. Sweet couple here to adopt at least one child, maybe two. After spending some time in the city they have been given directions on how to get to the orphanage by public transport. (Taxis get expensive day in and day out…). They have heard that the metro is right at McDonald’s on the main street of Kyiv, and they will know the entrance by the large letter “M”.

They set off on their way and find McDonald’s with no problem. But they somehow missed the “M”. They use their good old American ingenuity and figure that the metro entrance might be on the side. So they begin to investigate the area. Ah, up ahead, a letter “M”!! Hooray! And, wait, there’s ANOTHER letter “M” that has wings. Clever signage, conclude the Americans. The “M” with wings is probably the express metro. And since we’re going to the end of the line, that is our likely choice.

As he begins to go through the entrance he is abruptly stopped. Confused. Unsure of what is being said. Husband and wife both soon realized that this was NOT the metro entrance, but it wasn’t until later that they had the signs explained: neon green “M” means metro. “M” is men’s room. And “Ж” is not the express metro, after all. It’s the entrance to the women’s toilet room!

Is that great or what? Love this couple, and love their sense of humor. I think they may laugh harder than any of us at this story.

And another anecdote for their adoption journal…



  1. mmosier says:

    That is a cute story. lol

  2. Georgia says:

    Hilarious!!! Maybe you have to know the language to really, really laugh about this!!

  3. Michelle: I’m sure you relate to the American in Kyiv situation!

    Georgia: Knew you’d laugh. As soon as they mentioned “M with wings” we all started laughing out loud, knowing where they were going. Express metro was just priceless, though.

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