Send a child to camp!

We are in the midst of plans for another wonderful camp next month! We are again inviting children who are either affected by or infected with HIV. Some of these children are unaware of their status, and all are protected by privacy rights from revealing their status. We have a real privilege to serve these children.

The majority of these children (if not all) are being raised in a single parent family or by a grandparent due to the death of a parent from AIDS. Though we have found that AIDS orphans often are invited to special events, these children living in a home setting are not included. Marianna has been teaching English to several of the younger children and has fallen in love with each one of them. The living parent or grandparent is so appreciative that a native English speaker is working with these children.

We have a great team from Huntsville Alabama who will be heading up the camp program. Three days plus Sunday church followed by a river excursion and then repeating the lessons from the camp at the National Children’s Hospital in the AIDS unit. They are thrilled that we are bringing camp to them for three evenings.

At the last minute we found a tree-shaded site about 10 minutes from the end of a metro line, and we also found that the boat tour would be significantly more than originally budgeted by the team. Combining the site rental, bus rental, and boat rental (not to mention feeding them a hearty lunch each day) has dramatically increased the costs. UMO is convinced that we can raise the needed funds before the camp begins on July 23.

Would you be willing to help send a child to camp? Like last year, we’re suggesting donations of $50 to offset the costs.

Gifts should be sent to our NEW address:

Ukraine Medical Outreach, Inc.
P.O. Box 2824
Salisbury, Maryland 21802

Please attach a note letting us know that the gift is specifically for the camp.

We covet your prayers as we work out the final details of this camp.


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