Grand reopening of the Balcony Cafe!

Grand reopening of the Balcony Cafe. Grand? You betcha. Grand…because Jim and I were together! Grand…because the weather is delightful for outdoor dining. Grand…because we had no agenda but to be together. Grand…because the food was great. Grand…because the conversation was inspiring, challenging, forward-looking.

One of my favorite summer meals. Tomatoes stuffed and overflowing with chicken salad. Tomatoes in Ukraine are some of the best in the world, I am sure. And on a warm evening this is such an easy fix. Especially with leftover baked chicken.

Dinner at the Balcony Cafe

How could I resist some of the first strawberries of the season? Okay, I spent a bit too much but I just couldn’t NOT buy them. And with freshly-brewed coffee (in one of my girlfriend mugs) and some good reading, we were in hog heaven.

Delights for body and soul

Let us know when you’re ready to visit the cafe!


  1. You are inspiring me. It may be time to start planning the Front Porch Café!

  2. Sign us up! We’ll be there very sooooon!!!! I can’t wait! It sounds so delightful! Lord, give me patience. Ahhhhh

  3. Karen: We’d like to make reservations for October. Maybe celebrate a birthday or two. Or three. Who knows?

    Favourite D-I-L: We’ll confirm your reservation closer to your arrival, but you have MULTIPLE times there!

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