Mosab Hassan Yousef

The next several postings may appear to be random. But if I don’t just put them up — pictures and all — it’s just not going to happen. We have had such a busy month that I had to either LIVE the life OR write about the life. A bit of a breather, and I’m going to try to bring everything up to speed.

Thankfully I have continued to take pictures so I have some vague idea of what we’ve been doing.

So, to kick off my resurgence of posts, I’m simply going to write about a book that we finished reading a week or two ago. That way I can loan the book to a friend later today…whose son is anxiously awaiting the book.

Son of Hamas by Mosab Hassan Yousef. An intriguing read. I’d encourage everyone with any interest at all in what is actually happening in the Israeli-Palestine situation to pick up this book and get some amazing insight into the minds of the leaders on both sides.

As was written in the preface:

“Peace in the Middle East has been the holy grail of diplomats, prime ministers, and presidents for more than five decades. Every new face on the world stage thinks he or she is going to be the one to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict. And each one fails just as miserably and completely as those who have come before.

“The fact is, few Westerners can come close to understanding the complexities of the Middle East and its people. But I do — by virtue of a most unique perspective. You see, I am a son of that region and of that conflict. I am a child of Islam and the son of an accused terrorist. I am also a follow of Jesus.”

He continues in the preface:

“Israel became a state in 1948. However, the Palestinian territories remained just that — nonsovereign territories. Without a constitution to maintain some semblance of order, religious law becomes the highest authority. And when everyone is free to interpret and enfoce the law as he sees fit, chaos ensues. To the outside world, the Middle Eastern conflict is simply a tug-of-war over a small stretch of land. But the real problem is that no one yet has understood the real problem. And as a result, neotiators from Camp David to Oslo confidently continue to splint the arms and legs of a cardiac patient.

“My purpose in the pages that follow is to set the record straight on some key events, lay bare some secrets, and if all goes well, leave you with hope that the impossible can be accomplished.”

Being the son of one of the founders of Hamas, he truly has a unique perspective on issues in the Middle East. He has actually seen the inner workings of the agencies on both sides of the conflict…as a trusted prince of Hamas and as a spy for the Shin Bet.

In the postscript he asks people to pray for him as he learns to dance with the Bridegroom, not stepping on too many toes.

An eye-opening book for me.



  1. Suzanne Taylor says:

    Neat-I’m going to get this for Bill-I know he’ll enjoy it(I won’t have to read it cuz he’ll be sure to tell me everything in it:-)

    Mother’s Day-(I haven’t read that blog yet) but I was overwhelmed in church Sunday by the Mother’s heartache I could see all around me(and have felt).

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