Mother’s Day without children

I nearly forgot that this Sunday is Mother’s Day…it’s not a holiday celebrated in Ukraine to the extent that it is in America. And none of our children are in the country at this time. (Well, except for those we have claimed as additions to our family…you know who you are!) But it doesn’t take too long on facebook or other social media to recall that the day is rapidly approaching.

Mother’s Day seems to be such a wonderful holiday to celebrate as a community — I mean, after all, who doesn’t have one? A mother, grandmother, favorite aunt. Some special woman in your life.

But for all of the joy that Mother’s Day brings to so many, it is the darkest of Sundays for so many women who desire to be mothers and who have yet to conceive. In fact, these women may never conceive children of their own. Only God knows the future for absolute sure. For these precious women, Mother’s Day is torture. And it’s not much easier for their husbands.

Please read this blog written by a young gal who along with her husband served God here in western Ukraine just a few short years ago. She links to another post written by a husband who has walked the walk with his wife. Both of these entries help us learn to mourn with those who are mourning. What NOT to say.

I’m thankful for the open hearts with which these posts are written. I cried as I read the struggle that these couples go through and also as I read the ‘helpful’ words of encouragement from their friends. Ouch!

May God give us the right words to say…or NOT to say…this Sunday as we rejoice with mothers in our congregations, as well as mourn with those without.

And not just infertile couples. But those who have miscarried. Or have lost children to disease or accidents. Or have had older children turn their backs on them.

Mother’s Day brings all the pain to the forefront. May we be instruments of God’s comfort this year.



  1. Thanks, Marianna, for helping spread knowledge and compassion about infertility.

    And, have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  2. Thank you, Marianna!

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