Celiac disease

Celiac Disease: One in 100 Americans has it, most don’t know.

Thus read the headline of an article sent to me by my mom. Two out of three of our children have been diagnosed with celiac disease…only one of them has ever had any symptoms.

Per the article, “If you have CD, every time you eat gluten an immune reaction aggressively attacks your vila, destroying healthy tissues of the small intestine where nutrients are absorbed. Even teeny amounts of gluten trigger the response.”

The author discusses the fact that celiac disease often goes undiagnosed. Or misdiagnosed. One statistic that really caught me by surprise was that the disease shortens life expectancy by a whopping 4.5 times. It’s worth learning about the disease and adjusting your diet, if necessary.

For information and list of foods with gluten: http://customchoiceceral.com/blog/

NOTE: Appears that the link is not working. Tried to copy and paste and still no connnection. Sorry!



  1. Suzanne Taylor says:

    And how does the doc find out? Symptoms? Is there a special test?

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