The needless death of a child.

This news continues to sicken me.

Pray that the truth will be found out. Pray that eyes, ears and hearts will be open to hearing the truth. Pray that God’s Name will not be dragged through the mud but that He might even be glorified through this mess.

Please read the latest information here.

For other cases of death it seems that we dig until we can discover everyone who is to blame. For example, what company (and then person) made the part that malfunctioned? Everyone along the way is charged with some part of the blame.

Seems like the Pearls would have to show up somewhere along the line…



  1. Per the NGJ 990 IRS form, they significantly support a young missionary in Ukraine (Lviv) who also promotes their materials. That is just so heartbreaking to me.

    It saddens me that American Christians have funded the translation and printing of To Train Up A Child, a book that is so harmful to the growing Ukrainian church. While exporting American sub-cultural imperialism is a concern, it is just the beginning.

    What about failing to convey the amazing grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? What about advocating dysfunctional family relationships in a culture that is often struggling to find healthy family models? What about advocating an activity that is illegal in Ukraine as a key part child training?

    I hold no personal animosity towards the Pearls. I oppose their teaching because we have very different foundations theologically. I oppose their teachings because it leaves little room for the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of the parents and children, husbands and wives. I oppose their teachings because they cause more harm to families they claim to want to help.

  2. Thanks, tulipgirl, for the additional information particularly as it touches the lives in Ukraine. Very, very sad.

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