Confidence in Beth Moore

I listened to this program (I believe it’s a TV show) online the other evening — along with the critique of the teaching as she went. Beth Moore is one of the more popular women speakers in the Christian community, and, in fact, I was part of a committee that invited her to speak at a Christian women’s retreat here in Kyiv a couple of years ago. I knew that I wouldn’t agree with everything she said, but I thought she certainly wouldn’t lead women astray either. Just a different take on some peripheral issues.

Well, boy, am I glad that she couldn’t come! Turns out that her teaching is going downhill quickly! Several years ago a few missionaries here met to go through one of her studies…we were from different churches and knew what our differences in theology were. BUT we also knew where we agreed — and MUST agree — if we were to be called professing Christians. Every session we agreed to ‘toss out’ some of the lesson as written mostly because she did a lot of ‘projecting’ and we just weren’t going there with her. It led to some great discussions among the women. Not necessarily agreeing with Beth, but good discussions nonetheless.

The other night I listened to this critique of Beth Moore’s teaching and I was appalled. Frankly I couldn’t believe she was saying the things she said. Twisting scripture to fit the topic being discussed. This particular instance had to do with confidence…we shouldn’t throw away our confidence. The introduction and her talk spoke of our own confidence…in us! Not the confidence referred to in her proof-text which was the confidence to enter into the presence of God because of the shed blood of Christ. Very different! She took two verses and built a false teaching about confidence…a talk that tickled the ears of the hearers, but did not speak the truth. (Had she read the verses in context it would have made a BIG difference!)

I am sure that I will take a hit or two for broadcasting this, but it is so very important that we know what we believe and why we believe it. And we need to warn others of false teaching. This, along with the critique, could be a great teaching tool for learning to listen with discernment. We all need to recognize when the gospel has been turned to law and when we are trusting in us and not in Christ’s completed work on the cross.

Please click this link and then listen to the program.



  1. annointed says:

    ….a very thought provoking read.
    We need discernment about many of these women leaders.

  2. annointed: Yes, we are all called to be Bereans…to go back to the Scriptures to see if what is being taught is true. (Acts 17:11)

    And, of course, this is not just concerning women leaders. But anyone who is teaching others. You and me.

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