Kyiv on ice

Okay, so this is what we’ve been dealing with here in Kyiv. The first picture is a shot looking up the sidewalk on our trip to the local market.

The sidewalk is solid ice. And not just a thin layer.

Try four inches!

Shopping is always an adventure, but it’s just been a bit more treacherous over the past several weeks.

You can understand why there is some fear of flooding as the weather warms and the ice melts. Thankfully we have a day or two of above-freezing temperatures causing slushy dirty conditions followed by freezing temperatures and a fresh dusting of snow.

Praying for a gradual thaw.



  1. Suzanne Taylor says:

    Got your ice skates?

  2. If it were only smooth enough for skates! (Not that I know how to skate, mind you. Well, I can skate — forward only. And no stopping without a wall or a fall!)

  3. Yes, I visited my cousin in my capital just last Friday and I was so cold, and I am Ukrainian !

    How wonderful that you and your family choose to live here in Ukraine, so super.

    Lovely Blog and foto’s too.

    A must follow Blog you have, so, now I will !


    Marina – Rivne [Rovno] UA.

  4. Oh I am sorry, I did not mean to leave website address, I wanted leave my Blog address, I am new to this, sorry 😦

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