A nearly perfect Friday

Such a great day today.

It started off with fresh-brewed coffee and devotions with my sweet husband. Our usual morning. Among other things, we’re reading through the Bible out-loud together this year. We’re both noticing little bits and pieces that we’ve missed by reading it silently… I love the mornings.

Anna sent a message reminding us of her wisdom tooth surgery scheduled for today. All went well and she has absolutely no swelling. I believe she said that if the tooth fairy doesn’t come tonight she will post pictures of the three teeth tomorrow. (Come on, tooth fairy! Spare us the pictures!)

Then later in the day, Ira Kostyuchenko came by for a quick visit. I can’t believe that it’s been a year since I’ve seen her — she used to be a regular visitor here and also sang in the church praise group. Funny how getting married and having a child can change-up a schedule. Now her little family of three is preparing to move to Phoenix…in less than a week. If she comes to mind, I’m sure she’d appreciate prayers for the trip, for the transition, and for her mom who lives here in Ukraine. It will probably be three years before they will be allowed to travel.

Then I met Caitlin and Mandie and we made our way to the infectious diseases section of one of the children’s hospitals to pay a visit to any orphans or abandoned babies. These little ones are born to HIV+ mothers. Mothers have the option to take their babies home or to leave them at the hospital. If left, these little ones come to “my” room. The precious one-week-old baby girl had long dark hair and was already seeming to be aware of her surroundings. I fed her from a small bottle and then we three visitors rotated holding her. And stroking her little face and long fingers. And kissing her forehead. Snuggling her. And simply loving her. I am so thankful for Olga and Kristoslava who spend six days a week in this room loving on these children.

I returned home to find Jim talking via skype to a colleague in Holland. As I prepared dinner I could tell that this call was encouraging as well as challenging. It’s great to hear two godly men discussing issues of the heart as well as issues of medicine.

And then we received a skype message that Jeanne and Kolya had heard a little heartbeat for the first time this morning. There’s no describing that!

Ahhh. What a glorious day!



  1. I’d love to advocate for the baby girl at the hospital. Would you be able to find out if she’s had a PCR test and also find out if she is on the adoption registry (not just foster-care/guardianship)? Thanks for looking after the little ones.

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