Back to normalna

Okay, back on track. Whew! Late night/early morning Olympic coverage nearly got the best of me! I kept up with all obligations, but definitely lost control of my ‘extras,’ including updating blog posts.

Two reasons: I just never knew when I might have to jump up and cheer ‘my’ guys on so holding a laptop in its most comfortable position was potentially a hazard!

And secondly, oftentimes my computer was set up to allow live Olympic coverage to be broadcast in Kathmandu, Nepal.

BUT, the excuses are now over. And I am claiming March as my ‘get it back together’ month. Back to regular posts. Back to regular pictures on my photo blog. Back to twitter and facebook. (The beautiful thing about social media these days is that everything connects to each other. So, when I post a blog it shows up on twitter. Anything I post on twitter shows up on facebook.) A few tweaks here and there and I should be able to keep everyone updated about most everything happening in our lives here.

This is just to let you know to expect great things again beginning today.

I’m back to normalna!



  1. Hooray! I have heard tell of normal, glad you can get back to it!

  2. Yes… normalna Ha Ha !!

  3. Whatever normalna is, right? That’s the typical answer when you ask someone here how they’re doing: Normalna! Can mean anything!!

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