Vancouver to Kyiv to Kathmandu

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Anna in Nepal has been trying for this whole week to find a way to watch the Olympics. It didn’t really need to be a ‘live’ broadcast, though that would be fantastic. Just ANY Olympics!

There are several sites in the States to watch. But, like here in Ukraine, those sites are not available to those viewing in Nepal.

Frustrating, for sure.

But with a little ingenuity…and being online at the same time…we were able to connect her to the rebroadcast of some of the events from yesterday. Jim set up a table directly in front of the TV and we turned on the video to our skype connection with Anna.

Vancouver to Kyiv to Kathmandu

She and a friend were able to watch with more detail than even we had thought possible. They watched the Super G, women’s skeleton runs, highlights of the men’s figure skating.

Olympics via skype

We’re hoping to reconnect tonight or early morning so that Anna can see just a little bit ‘live.’

Thanks, skype.



  1. It’s VERY much appreciated.

  2. This brings me much joy!
    I love y’all!!!

  3. Wow! What a touch of home! You might be able to market that idea!


  1. […] secondly, oftentimes my computer was set up to allow live Olympic coverage to be broadcast in Kathmandu, […]

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