Flat tour

A quick tour of Anna’s flat:

She lives on the top floor and there is no elevator… just several combinations of 7 steps, 7 steps, 3 steps. (Why would we know the numbers? Because it’s helpful when navigating the stairs when the power is out. Trust me.)

Approaching Anna's flat

Her sweet little kitchen is complete with a water filter, of course, and two gas burners sitting on the countertop. (Again, crucial for cooking when the electricity is out!)

The kitchen

But when all is well, she can also use her coffeemaker, microwave and toaster oven. I worry about the fridge as the power goes on and off…can’t be good for it.


Back to the kitchen and looking straight across: storage. The entrance door is seen on the left and the red chair marks the edge of the living room.

Storage unit

Living room. The door to the left is Anna’s bedroom. And the door to the right is the bathroom.

Living room

The bathroom is long and narrow with the toilet at the far end, the shower on the wall midway, and the sink closest to the door. The drain for the shower is under the sink.


The bedroom. Bed with storage underneath.




Armoire (?) holding all of her clothes.


The nice warm roof is right outside her door. Laundry area.

Laundry room

On a clear day (which were rare!) we caught a glimpse of the mountains in the distance. But closer, we observed chickens on one rooftop. Family meals in the warmth of the sun.

Picnic on the roof

And directly beyond the hanging laundry is the zoo. You might be able to see the monkeys in the cage…and behind them are tigers. It was startling to first hear the roars while sitting inside Anna’s flat.

View to the zoo

A daily routine is to climb up one more ladder and check the water level in the tank. The last thing you want is to be all lathered and have no water to rinse!

Checking the water level

All in all, it’s a perfect flat for Anna. Not too big. Not too small.



  1. Thanks, Dad, for the picture of my disorganized closet for the world to see. Honestly, it never looks that messy unless I’m grabbing/shoving clothes in it when I’m not living at home trying to keep up with my parents.

  2. Interesting! It’s not bad. But water tank is not pleasant of course. Do they use it always or only when central water supply doesn’t work?

  3. It’s either that or collecting rain water in buckets… and it only rains during monsoon. There is a ground tank where water from the city will come in at best every other day for a couple of hours. There is a pump to get it up to the roof. Makes life interesting for sure.

  4. Anna just to set the record straight, the photos of your were taken using our camera but not by me.

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