Carol & kids

As I have written previously, adoption in Ukraine (and maybe everywhere?!) is like a roller coaster ride. The highs are high and the lows are low. It begins slowly building momentum and, unless you’ve been on THIS ride before, there are surprise twists and turns along the way.

Please continue to pray for families who are in the midst of this process. A sweet family has been in-country now since early October. They have run into almost every conceivable challenge, and yet have (for the most part…they ARE human, you know!) simply worked through each one. Thankfully they are convinced that there is a Divine plan at work, and though discouraged from time to time, they are more often resting in the knowledge that He is in control.

This couple left Ukraine for a couple of weeks due to the swine flu quarantine (they wouldn’t be able to see the children for that time period, and their children at home needed them, too!), had to switch facilitators, survived the holiday period (government offices closed for a week or more). The husband is back in the States, and the wife now has the custody of the two children here…actually only two weeks ago did she get the right to keep them with her.

But NOW…the company that prints blank passports is on strike claiming they have not been paid by the government. So there are NO passports available. And, due to the recent election and now a run-off election next month, there is a possibility that there may be no passports available for another month. Or longer! Can you imagine? It’s as if their roller coaster car has managed to finally reach the apex…and yet just can’t quite get over the top.

Some passport offices outside of Kyiv have found the “old” blank passports, but, so far, only one family in Kyiv has been able to locate the document and actually leave the country. The passports are coded by origin of birth.

PLEASE pray for Carol and her children. And the other families here. They have all jumped through the hoops successfully to get to this point. And now they’re stuck. (I can’t even begin to share the COST of living here, particularly in Kyiv. And the cost of changing the airline tickets.)

Oh, Lord, may Your grace be evident. Comfort Carol and her children as they continue to look to You. Show them the light at the end of the tunnel. Protect them…physically and spiritually. Encourage them. Surprise them even today!

We will all quickly give thanks and praise to the Lord. To God be the glory.



  1. To God be the glory! Passports in hand. Final paperwork to be picked up tomorrow. And flying to America in the wee hours of Saturday morning!! Hallelujah! Thanks for your prayers!

  2. Amen!

  3. AMEN !

  4. Time to get to the rest of those Nepal posts then?

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