Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays!

Today is Jim’s birthday. And I am so thankful that God called him to Himself and that Jim is serious about his relationship with Him. Because of that relationship, we have a most incredible and wonderful relationship as husband and wife. What a privilege to be married to such a man of God.

But Jim’s is not the ONLY birthday we celebrate today, albeit the others are now at a bit of a distance. Happy birthday wishes to Allyson in Colorado, Will in Alabama and Sandy in Salisbury.

Sunday was Martha’s big day. And yesterday was a celebration of the life (so far!) of dear Alice.

Al and Alice have celebrated many of Alice’s birthdays with Jim and me because their days are back to back. And yesterday was no exception. The Moores invited us to dinner at their flat, fed us a delicious dinner and then Alice and Jim together blew out the candles on the homemade cake. Hard to believe that Alice is really 72! She has the heart and spirit of someone so much younger. But the wisdom she offers comes from years of living.

Jim and Alice blow out the candles together

Birthday greetings to all. May there be many more birthdays to celebrate. May God continue to bless each of you as you strive to get to know Him better and better.



  1. Happy Birthday and many more Jim !!
    III John 2

  2. a far away friend says:

    72 and a missionary!! What a GREAT testimony!!!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Averi’s is the 20th. Didn’t know they shared Januuary 🙂

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