Kathmandu arrival

Toma, Jim and I left a snow-covered Kyiv on Monday, December 21 and arrived in Kathmandu on Tuesday afternoon. Fairly clear skies. No snow.

Thankfully, the strike had ended at noon on our arrival date. If not, we would have needed to walk a couple of hours from the airport to meet Anna…somewhere…and then on to her place. Fortunately for us, the strike had ended and a friend of hers with a van was willing to pick us up.

Transportation is quite interesting…getting used to driving on the left is one issue. But the fact that pedestrians, cars, buses, bikes, scooters all share the same space is a little disconcerting. Regular honking alerts everyone else that you’re in the area. But when everyone is honking…well, who knows who should have the right-of-way? Best to just close your eyes when riding, and stick close to Anna when walking!

A family here offered to let the four of us stay in their first floor space so that we could all have beds. Very sweet. And they even prepared dinner for us.

That evening we actually had electricity so we plugged in my computer and watched Elf. Bundled against the cold. Once the sun goes down, the temperature drops markedly. And because there is no heat in the buildings, we dress more warmly inside than outside. Crazy, eh? But just routine for Anna.

More pictures and stories to share, but the internet is not always available. And the speed leaves a lot to be desired.

Thankful to be with Anna this Christmas and New Year’s.



  1. 🙂 Hayley was terrified when in a van in India. She was afraid of being killed or the driver killing a human, dog, or elephant!
    I am SO glad you have been able to make the trek to Nepal! What a delight for everyone!

  2. SO HAPPY for you guys! Can’t wait to see you and hear all about your trip in person when we are all in Ukraine.

  3. Suzanne: Definitely interesting. Fortunately we did not need to take public transport this trip. Private van or taxi when we absolutely needed a car. Mostly on foot.

    Cara: You know how often I say that I’m a spoiled missionary living in Kyiv? Well, this confirms that statement. Hurry back.

  4. Have a wonderful time! I’ve always wanted to go to Nepal, so I’m looking forward to hearing all about your adventure.

  5. Back in Ukraine. Will post more about Nepal soon!

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