From HIV to home

It’s a small world. Particularly online. As we have become more and more involved with the care of HIV+ orphans, and particularly now that the U.S. allows these children to be adopted to the States, I have been busy gathering as much information as I can about this disease.

Among many sites that I found several offered so much information that I quickly marked them as favorites and returned over and over to learn about the process of adopting these children. I wanted to know exactly what prospective parents were being told.

One of my favorite sites is called from HIV to home. A couple of us even registered for a webinar hosted by this group situated in Colorado. The time set was meant to be convenient for the four time zones in the States. But, hey, 4:00 a.m. here isn’t such a bad time! Just need to put the coffee on, grab a pen and paper, and learn! We’ve stayed in touch through email.

What a treat for Ukraine Medical Outreach to now be featured on that website! In honor of World AIDS Day, this site has been highlighting five different ministries worldwide over five different days. And UMO’s day is today. Any proceeds collected by them today will be sent to us to specifically provide supplies for the hospitalized orphans in “our” room.

I encourage you to check out the site, and learn about the other ministries they highlight. And if you’re interested in learning more about the disease or about adopting these special children, I’d suggest you get familiar with this site. And sign up for an upcoming webinar! (Maybe I’ll see you online!)


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