Community center work continued

Back to the community center this morning. I am so thankful that the quarantine is finally over in Kyiv and that life can return to a somewhat normal routine.

Wednesday mornings will typically find me visiting preschool-aged children who either are infected or affected by the HIV virus. My official task is to teach them English, but I do so with games, flash cards, exercise and lessons from the Bible. Our crafts project usually is derived from the Bible and while they create, I can review with them.

I’ve missed the sweet smiles and their Ukrainian accents as they attempt to pronounce new vocabulary. What smart children!

So looking forward to my time there. Just a couple more hours…



  1. So thankful the quarantine is over! If you go to the hospital soon, I would love to know if the giggling baby is on the adoption register so I can advocate for a family for him. Would love to know more about the tiny baby, too!

  2. :o)

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