Only the strong need apply

As I walk through the adoption process with friends on both sides of an adoption, I am convinced that this process is not for the weak.

I have often compared the process to a roller coaster with its up and downs. Sudden twists and turns. Sometimes fighting an uphill battle that looks impossible to climb. So slowly the process can move. And then, suddenly: News! Everything is back in fast-forward. You’ve survived the climb and the plunge, but there are surprises around every bend. Don’t let down your guard. Hang on!

Now put the roller coaster in the dark. No clue which way you’ll be jerked or dropped or lifted. No way to prepare yourself. You simply know that at the end of this sometimes terrifying journey, a child (or maybe two. or three) is waiting with open arms and a big grin.

That seems to sum up foreign adoption, as I watch it happen.

The joy of meeting ones whose lives will be forever changed makes this thrill ride ever so worth it. I asked yesterday for prayer for a specific meeting that took place. And I ask for continued prayer as that meeting has led to yet another one. Tomorrow.

Adoption. Foreign adoption. Only the strong need apply.



  1. aha! How great that “when we are weak, He is strong”! So I guess anyone willing to lean into His arms for the process can make it, right? 🙂 I know you have seen, and been a part of, that miracle process, right? Getting folks to an end of themselves so that God can begin to work… not easy, but always worth it.

    Wonderful post. Love you guys. Miss you.

  2. AMEN !!!! We spent nine weeks and one day there, my wife got sick, my son had blood poisoning, we had stuff stolen from us at one of the aprtments we stayed in, I caught a cold, we came at the end of summer and left when it was already winter, we couldn’t get the local and national levels to agree about the adoption. Yes, in the dark twisting and turning fits, BUT, at the end was four of the prettiest smiles waiting for us. And they and us are still smiling. God is good…

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