Flu update

We heard late yesterday afternoon that the quarantine will be in effect through November 23, if not longer.

These are the official numbers that are coming from the government at this point.

Please pray that the panic of the situation will subside.



  1. Hang in there.

  2. Thanks, Bethany. Such mixed reports we hear. Fortunately we are well, and actually don’t know anyone who is really suffering from this flu.

  3. I’ll fill you in from Salisbury. The last two months have been crazy! Like Mid-winter/flu season BEFORE the season hit!
    First was the PANIC over the flu. Phyllis said they had 426 calls in ONE day!
    Then came the ACTUAL flu. Plenty of kids have come down with it but it has been pretty mild. A few have landed in the hospital.
    But the office has been OVERLOADED! It has slowed down the last couple of days. (Bill home at 7 instead of 8). Now we’ll just sit tight for the seasonal flu.
    (Rachel’s room mate at Towson was sent home with Flu A-swine?)
    p.s. I liked the prime minister’s blue cape, braided hair, and face mask-she looked like Cinderella going to the Prince’s costume ball:-)

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