No hospital visitors

Okay, this flu-panic quarantine has just hit a little too close to home. No worries — Jim and I are fine.

BUT, I was not allowed to visit my little orphan friends at the hospital today. I am so thankful that Kristoslava is still able to be in the room with these precious ones. The six-month-old little boy has been there for several weeks now, but a new patient was admitted a couple of days ago. Less than a week old. Left by the mama.

Pray for patients admitted to any of the hospitals! No visitors can cause very lonely days.

And also pray that this quarantine might be lifted before the guesstimated three weeks.



  1. Oh, those poor tiny babies need so much love, care and attention right now. How sad you weren’t able to hold them today. Hopefully soon! I desperately want to go there and give them all lots of love. So thankful for Kristoslava.

  2. Check wizzair flights from London Luton airport to Kyiv. Best rates that I know about. I look forward to meeting you!!

  3. Thanks for the tip. Looks like Wizz has flights for about 170 pounds. We’re looking at dates in December and January.

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