Cheapest flights

I have such respect for travel agents, and others who have the patience to search out the best possible flights from one place to another. I am going a little nuts as I try to find the cheapest way from Kyiv to Alborg Airport in Denmark. Part of our problem is that we have no flexibility in dates — we need to be there on Monday January 4 and we need to be on our way out on Saturday January 9.

Ukraine has this wonderful discount airlines here (wizzair) that flies into London and Oslo (among other cities in Europe). We were hoping to fly at least one of the legs on this airline. Then I found flights from Oslo to Alborg. None from the London Luton airport to Alborg. So far so good, eh!

I was feeling pretty clever working backwards. Researching which airlines serviced Alborg. (That in itself was a challenge for me…). And then trying to connect to a city that wizzair serviced.

How disappointing to discover that wizzair doesn’t fly to Oslo on the dates that we need! Ugh!

Back to the drawing board. Looks like SAS may be getting our money. With an overnight in Copenhagen on the way back. A sweet little 13-hour layover — a mini-break before diving back into our crazy ministry schedule!

Hope to make the final arrangements even tomorrow. (If any of you are travel agents feel free to look around the internet and let us know what you find!)



  1. has it for $612 USD on SAS.

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