Orphanages closed to visitors

In addition to schools and cinemas (among other things though NOT including the National Opera House — the show does go on!), orphanages have been closed to visitors for the next three weeks. The fear is not that you will become sick from children at the orphanage, but that you might carry the germs of illness to them.

Besides regular visitors, this also eliminates potential adopting parents. Friends of ours had an appointment scheduled for today at the SDA, but were told that the meeting would no longer take place in accordance with the declaration of no public gatherings. THAT doesn’t make sense to me unless the government intends to halt all work everywhere. How can you not have private meetings? But, in all honesty, even those who would be granted a meeting and actually given a referral would not be able to visit the children for three weeks! The orphanage meeting gives the child and parents time to interact and have any questions answered regarding the child. The orphanage director, in my limited understanding, approves or rejects the process at this point. Yikes!

Please be praying for all of the families who are currently in Ukraine and suddenly find the process is on hold, or who are arriving in the next few weeks and will not be permitted to proceed.

Our friends are in a little bit different situation. They already know the children. BUT they don’t already know the orphanage director. Please be praying that a meeting “off the grounds” might be worked out! The director needs to voice approval before a court date can be set.

Thankful for a Sovereign God Who is not surprised by any of this. He is not caught off-guard at all. It will be interesting to see how He plans to use all of this to His glory!



  1. Oh, no! I do hope it will work out for your friends. Hopefully you will still be able to see your little ones in the hospital.

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