Adoption roller coaster

May I invite each of you to please pray for families adopting children…wherever they may be?! The emotional roller coaster these couples go through is heart-wrenching, and without prayer support I don’t know how any of them make it through the process. These couples are certainly my heroes!

We have had the pleasure of meeting so many couples who have adopted children from Ukraine over the past several years. And everyone of them has a story that is unique and usually has some challenging moments.

We recently met a couple from Florida who is here to adopt a brother/sister sibling group. The adventure has been nearly overwhelming — mixed messages from so many different people. Conflicting reports on what is legal and what is not. Wild goose chases to other cities. And on and on.

Please pray for government officials, facilitators, and all others involved to remember that the adoption is for the sake of the children. Think about what is best for the children.

It’s about the children.


  1. In a weird way, this post is actually encouraging….seems everything is getting crazy with laws changing and no one knows any answers to anything.

  2. anonadoptee says:

    If it was really about the children these couples would be finding a way to support the children’s communities so they could keep them

  3. Michelle: Based on your post and what we’re seeing, I think that some things may be getting better…just no one can tell that right now!

    anonadoptee: Any suggestions on how to support the communities? The preferred plan is that the parents would keep their own children. But not all can. And not all want to. Whether because of addictions, disease, inconvenience…some parents leave no choice but to allow someone else to raise them. And families beat orphanages, hands down. (The children are also first available to families in their own country…if, after a year, they are still not adopted then foreign adoptions become an option.) So, yes, it’s really about the children.

  4. anonadoptee says:

    Traditional orphanages are not good but these places are.

    Assuming that the western industrial concept of family is better than other ways of bringing children up is a symptom of white western privilege by the way.

    Addictions, disease, mental health issues etc are mainly caused and exacerbated by poverty, if these people didn’t live in poverty they wouldn’t be giving their children up. The amount it costs to adopt a child could be given to NGO’s/charities or the communities so they can keep their children

  5. anonadoptee… we adopted four sisters from Ukraine in 05′. They had very little chance of a good life if they had stayed in that situation. The children that live in the orphanges there are treated as third class citezens, with no help from the communtie they live in. We had to pay a lot of money to bring the girls home because of the corruption that exist’s there.
    You sound as though you think the govenment should raise the children, I dis-agree, a mother /father situation is best, white or black or yellow or what ever color.

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