Studying God’s Word

Studying God's Word

Studying God's Word

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. Why? Not because it’s such an artistic shot with everything “just so,” that’s for sure.

But because it reflects the truth about children everywhere.

These children were part of my Sunday School class a few years back, and most of those pictured were from an orphanage. Our church had an agreement with the orphanage that allowed us to take the children on Saturday, have them spend the night with a church family, attend church on Sunday and then return to the orphanage. (Unfortunately, that agreement has not been renewed.)

I was asked to teach a Sunday School class specifically for these children. But I was encouraged by “real” teachers and others that these children were not capable of learning deep truths about God. I would never be able to hold their attention, so I just needed to find some videos and provide coloring books so that the children would be entertained. A snack would be nice, too.

Well, I couldn’t accept that. I knew that God’s Word was powerful and exciting as well! I believe that most children get bored with Sunday school because we don’t challenge them to think. How boring can you get?!

Anyway, I handed out Bibles and helped them find specific passages so that they could see that I was not making up stories, but that God Himself said these things. That He loved them. That He would never leave them. That He was holy. That He won’t tolerate sin. That’s He’s just. And merciful. And forgiving.

And they understood. And were captivated by the Truth!

Some of these children are still in the orphanage. Several now live in families in America. And I get to see them from time to time, especially if I visit Alabama! (Did you know that Alabama is like little Ukraine??!!)

To God be the glory!



  1. AMEN for Alabama !!

  2. ramonamom says:

    Thank you so much for this post! It is encouraging and exciting to see kids searching the scriptures like this.
    Ramona (another Alabamian!)

  3. I love this picture! Thank you for the reminder that children can read God’s Word and be captivated by it like we are.
    Blessings in your work,
    Susan ~another Alabamian 🙂

  4. God bless Alabama and each one of you and your families!

  5. Vickie Nichols says:

    The little boy in the middle of this picture is our son Kyle (12 years old at the time). He has been with us since April 2004. He is now 17 and doing great! Yes, keep reading God’s word to even those who speak a different language. We have 4 birth children and 5 adopted from Ukraine now (finishing our last adoption April 2009 ages 15,13,11). Four of these children are from the same orphanage as the little boys in the picture. There is nothing wrong with their ability to learn-We have seen God do amazing things in our children. The power of the word is amazing- We gather each night with our family and read the word and pray. God’s word can overcome the darkness in the lives of the kids. Thanks Marianna for all you and Jim do in Ukraine and around the world! Our lives have been touched by you through our adopted children.
    Vickie Nichols

  6. Dear Marianna,

    Thank you for your steadfast commitment to teaching God’s word, for believing that it is is “living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword.”



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