Pre-Balcony Cafe

I’ve blogged about lots of different visitors we’ve entertained on the Balcony Cafe, but I’ve neglected to really give credit to the ones who made this Cafe possible.

This little balcony had been pretty much disregarded as a place to spend any time. It was okay to place a chair and read a book on a beautiful day. Or to stand on to glance up and down the street. Or to call to a friend passing by. But not really a place to purposefully entertain friends.

The railing was just a mess — requiring sanding and painting. (Easier said than done!) The doors needed treatment and painting. (Not quite so work-intensive.)

One of those blocks of times where Jeanne and Kolya were between jobs here in Ukraine, they stayed with us. And they were itching to do something helpful. (I’ll post later about some other work that Kolya and Jeanne did…) Jim suggested attacking the railing on the balcony.

It was much more challenging than first suspected, but they pressed on. You know, it’s always more fun to do these kinds of jobs with great company.

Kolya working on the Balcony Cafe

Kolya working on the Balcony Cafe

And there’s no question that they love each other’s company.
Jeanne preparing Balcony Cafe

Jeanne preparing Balcony Cafe

Thanks so much for your hard work preparing the Balcony Cafe for visitors. We may have to close down for the season except for those diehards who might enjoy hot steaming drinks served in the elements.

Any takers?


  1. We’ll be over around 5 pm.

    Just kidding.

  2. Where is the cafe located? I think I could pay a visit 🙂

  3. I’ll bring the coffee! Perhaps some blini would go well with it.

  4. It’s been many months since I’ve had the chance to visit your site, but I’m glad to stop by again and see all the incredible things going on in Ukraine. The balcony cafe looks like a wonderful place for fun and fellowship — no matter the weather!

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