World Racers

We were introduced to the World Race organization earlier this year. The teams were here for their final month of travel (11 countries in 11 months) and we hosted one couple for a couple of nights. A pretty amazing concept, I must say.

Well, another crew of racers is now in Ukraine for a whole month. I’ve had the privilege to take two small groups of young ladies to the hospital to visit with my sweet little orphans. These precious ones love the hands-on attention whether simply holding them:

World Racer holding Katya

World Racer holding Katya

…or playing:
World Racers with Dasha

World Racers with Dasha

These gals were such fun to get to know during the afternoon of ministry. As tired as I’m sure they were, they still had smiles on their faces as we rode the metro home.
World Racers

World Racers

I expect that I will have additional groups over the next couple of weeks. At least I hope so.

Pray for the World Racers — this group has one more month to go. Other teams just left the States in August. They are relying on God to provide opportunities to share His love wherever they might be.

If you haven’t heard of this group, check this link. Maybe someone reading this will be inspired to take such an adventure!



  1. I know those girls!!!! 🙂

  2. Fun gals, eh?

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