The Myronyuk family

When we arrived in Kyiv, our friend Taras was the one who helped us settle in. He took us to the local market, found us a realtor, escorted us to appliance stores. Basically, any question we had, he answered. As best he could. We still laugh when we think back to those early days and would ask him if he understood our request. He’d smile back at us and respond “Not really.” With a great rolled “r.”

We had known Taras before our arrival. He spent a whole summer in our hometown of Salisbury, Maryland, working to make some extra cash, and also volunteering to help with the choir at our home church. THOSE stories will be for another post, yakkie dakkie?

Well, over the time we’ve lived here, Taras has married the beautiful and talented bandurist Katya and they now have 2 young boys, Vasyl and Ivanka. When we were invited to have lunch at their flat on Saturday we were quick to say yes.

Taras and Vasyl met us at their metro stop to guide us to their flat.

Taras, Vasyl and Jim

Taras, Vasyl and Jim

Once inside, it became apparent that Katya was not going to get much time without one of her boys connected to her. It is so obvious that these little boys love their mama AND their papa. Such a happy family. Perfectly content. Trusting God for future steps.

Lunch was delicious (I still don’t know how Katya had time to prepare this feast…she said it was because they love us so. Can you imagine?) Katya didn’t get to sit down at the table with us (what moms actually sit when they have a 1-month-old?!), so Taras was left to bring us up-to-date on the family. Taras and Katya are both students working, I believe, on PhDs.
Plus work. And a family. And always smiling. Loving to be together.

The family

The family

We delivered several gifts for the newest member of the family, plus some clothes for Vasyl. AND we were able to finally present him with Ratatouille, a book given to us by friends in Salisbury TWO SUMMERS AGO for Vasyl. Can you believe that we just now were able to make that connection? He seems to be the perfect age for the book, and his parents are going to buy the DVD in Ukrainian so that he can become familiar with the characters.
Tickle bug attack

Tickle bug attack

A great way to spend an otherwise grey Saturday.


  1. Thanks so much for posting an update on Taras! How wonderful to see him and his family doing so well. The whole choir fell in love with him when he was here in Salisbury.

  2. zbird1122: More photos on facebook. He is exactly the same as he was in Salisbury…only now he has a wife and two boys. Still smiling. Still trusting God.

  3. Wow-how many years has it been?! So glad he has a happy little family:-)
    Love the pics from your balcony. Just a little bit of outdoors is like a piece of Heaven to enjoy.

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