Views from the Balcony Cafe

Last week, we invited my language instructor (Tatiana) and Bernhard to join us on the Balcony Cafe for guacamole…though we couldn’t find proper chips. We added cheese, crackers, and nuts to the mix just in case the dip was too spicy. Such fun to laugh with these two! Characters, for sure!

Bernhard and Tatiana

Bernhard and Tatiana

Earlier I had caught Jim as he swept the balcony in preparation for hors d’oeuvres at the cafe.
Jim tidying the Balcony Cafe

Jim tidying the Balcony Cafe

Friday was a particularly eventful afternoon/evening.

Not only did we have guests, but we witnessed the after-effects of a 3-car accident on the street below. This particular car lost its front bumper — left in the crosswalk. The two other cars are around the corner to the right.

Yet another accident

Yet another accident

Across the street we snapped this photo of a photographer working with a young model in the entryway of the flats facing our building. (The man in the upstairs window is there frequently through the day — smoking a cigarette and observing all within view.)
Young model

Young model

The temperatures are continuing to fall, so I’m not sure how much longer we’ll be enjoying the Balcony Cafe. Though we hope to entertain many other friends there…this season or next spring.

(I wonder whether we could put one of those cool terra cotta fireplaces out there? Whaddaya think? Legal?)



  1. Hey! How come my visit to the balcony cafe didn’t rate a posting?! 🙂 JUST kidding! 🙂 Saw the Hayworth’s off this morning. What a great visit! Thank you guys so much for making the time in your busy schedules to get together with us. It was great. Pray for these next few busy days! Love you!

  2. Cara: How could I have NOT posted that? I thought that I had. We enjoyed meeting the Hayworths…our pleasure to get together. Thanks for making it so convenient for us — Puzata Xata! Definitely will be praying for you to get SO MUCH done!

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