Try, try again

I have been uninspired to blog lately.

And I believe that it had to do with my template. I changed it up a little a while back, and, frankly, I just didn’t like to look at it. Pretty sad, eh? But I didn’t have time to sift through bazillions of templates (okay, 76) to find a new one.

Today, I got the urge to make it right.

This may not be the final one, BUT, at least it makes me happy to see it. I’m not sure what happened to my entire blogroll…

The header, at this moment, is the sweet little face of one of my orphans. HIV+. The picture is from months ago, though she is still under one year old. Precious.

Sooo, thank you for your patience with my lack of writing…I’m surprised at how many of you have continued to check back for anything new. Coming soon: pictures around Kyiv, pictures from the end of our visit to the States this spring…including Salisbury, Chatham and Boston.

(Really wish I had the skin that Jo Lynne designed…but, alas, it is gone…)


  1. What a beautiful child. God’s child.

  2. alan pidcock says:

    The Lord has seasons for us all in all we do. We enjoy your site and look forward to reading it. Hope to connect in person , either here or there, one day.
    Keep up the good work you and the Doc do.. God sees all and Blesses those who follow him.

    alan & marci pidcock

  3. Love the photo! The template looks great! 🙂

  4. Pam: She’s a sweetie, for sure. (Right, Allyson?!)

    Alan: Thanks for the encouragement! We really do need to get together in person!

    Michelle: Thanks. Still need to figure out what happened to my blogroll!!

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