Stoddards at the Cafe

What a fun evening! Doug, Suzie and Jodi came by for an early dinner. We didn’t want to postpone getting together until we had a whole evening (our schedules don’t exactly mesh!), so we grabbed what we could — a Sunday afternoon/evening.
Doug and Suzie
We moved our kitchen table to the Balcony Cafe and had chips and dip while we laughed about our summers and our children. Then we had dinner: chicken/rice/tomatoes/green beans/dessert/coffee.
Dinner at Balcony Cafe
Passersby still are not used to seeing people actually dining on an outdoor balcony so we attract a lot of attention. Many people today waved back at us and we even had one ‘thumbs up’!
Jim and Jodi
Let us know if you’re in the neighborhood…we’d love to make a reservation for YOU!



  1. Cymp Stemple says:

    This cafe must have a wait too get in….good job guys. I appreciate your ministry that I read about every month! and hear some other bits and pieces from the Cranes.
    Better grab the opportunities with the cafe…still fun with a jacket though!
    God’s richest blessings!
    Just started reading Tripp’s Instruments in the Redeemers Hands and thought of you. Actually I’m thinking of using it in a group this fall. Any advice? If you have any ideas I can give you a call!
    Warmly Cymp

  2. Cymp: Always open for business for you guys! Great book, by the way. How do you think you’ll use it?

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