Here, kitty!

Part of my language lesson today was supposed to be visiting a museum. This particular museum was on our list to visit in the spring but it was closed for renovation. Tatjana was so excited to see that it was open again. It is called something along the lines of the museum of spiritual treasures of Ukraine. Icons, for sure, but also paintings, statuary, and who knows what else. I enjoy going to these museums with Tatjana because if I don’t understand the Ukrainian (HIGHLY likely!!), she will translate for me. And she also has insight to culture and nuances of language.

Jim opted to come with us…making Tatjana a bit of a schizophrenic: speaking Ukrainian to me and Russian to Jim, and then English when needed. Crazy. We admired the museum sitting at the top of Andrievski Uzviz, and were excited to see that it was really open on Thursdays. (We had not been able to reach them by phone to be certain of the hours.) We walked through the ornamented double doors and approached the casa (cashier) to pay. A gentleman came from behind the counter to let us know that the museum was still closed for renovation. Go figure. Hours posted as open just outside the door. And the door unlocked. But officially closed. Oh, brother.

Not to let this get us down, we did some quick shopping at a couple of the booths at the top of this artists’ hill, and then walked back towards the museum of history. We took the lane to the left to show Jim where the bench in the shape of a cat was…and much to my surprise, there were two more benches.

Bird bench

Bird bench

A hungry baby bird.
Bunny bench

Bunny bench

And a bunny.

And four more cats!

Apparently there is an artist in town who has made it his goal to place 100 cats of various shapes and sizes throughout the city. So far, we have discovered his cat of white plastic forks and the mosaic cat bench. But now he has created one of the longest cats ever — the length of a building!

Cat with two kittens

Cat with two kittens

With another at the corner.
Corner cats

Corner cats

It’s always an adventure to stroll around this city…you just never know what you’ll see!



  1. What! Have I really lived in Kiev for 24 years?… It’s like I don’t know this city at all! What fun to have Tatiana as your teacher, such a creative approach. It amazes me. You’re very blessed 🙂

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