You just never know who is going to show up at your flat in Kyiv. I mean, really.

How much fun was it to get a call that friends from the D.C. area were in Kyiv and then they actually took the time to come over for coffee and cookies?! George and Linda have hosted bazillions of folks in their home, including us, over the years but we had not seen each other for several years. And they love some of the very same Ukrainians that we love so much.

Peipons and Rollers

Peipons and Rollers

So, if they wanted to see Toma…well, she was here for praise band rehearsal. And our friend Oleg had acted as their guide for the afternoon and evening, helping them reconnect with so many mutual friends.
George, Toma, Oleg, Jim

George, Toma, Oleg, Jim

So not only did we get the Rollers, but we also got Oleg and Toma.

Anybody else coming this way? Stop in!!



  1. Hey, did you say DC? Renee Gill has an internship in DC this fall (she just found out) and is looking for a church family to stay with while she’s there. Would your friends know anyone? Let me know…

  2. Fun! Hoping for some visitors coming here shortly too. 😉

  3. Lynne: Does Renee still need a place?

    Anna: Workin’ on it!

  4. Marianna! We’re moving to Germany in January and are excited to get back to Ukraine to visit! Will keep you posted! And there are two more little ones to introduce to you!

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