Sunday at Church of the Holy Trinity. Frequently we have visitors and often they’re Americans who asked their pastors at home where to attend church while in Kyiv.

Today was one of those days. We met Madison…actually remet Madison. She was at church a couple of weeks ago, we said hello and then we went our separate ways.

Cheryl was with us at church today and sat next to Madison. During the fellowship time after church they struck up a lengthy conversation. After a bit, we all left church. Cheryl asked what our plans were after church and we told her that we needed to return a couple of Dynamo Kyiv jerseys to a street vendor for larger sizes, and then we’d be heading home. We had already decided to use the leftover meatloaf to make a spaghetti sauce. Cheryl mentioned that Madison was walking not too far behind us and would it be okay to ask whether she’d like to join us.

Of course! That would be great. We turned around…and there was no Madison. We suddenly realized that she had gone underground presumably to get to the other side of the street. We continued walking but kept looking across the street for her. Suddenly I noticed that she was walking down the tree-lined sidewalk in the middle of the street. We called to her, Cheryl ran across the street, and she was willing to join some crazy new acquaintances for the afternoon.

It’s so interesting to me to hear why different people come to Kyiv. How long? Where are you staying? What do you do at home? All kinds of questions.

Madison is a recent Air Force Academy graduate with a minor in Russian language. She came to Kyiv with other cadets — not sure if they had all graduated or not — to spend three weeks in intensive language study. She is living with a host family just a few metro stops from us.

It didn’t take too long to create a spaghetti dinner with garlic bread on the side, and the four of us filled up while learning more about each other. We opted to have coffee and dessert on our little balcony. The temperature was perfect with a light breeze to keep things refreshing. Passersby always look up, some point, some give a thumbs up, and we just smile. Lots of people-watching from this balcony.

Balcony cafe

Balcony cafe

Madison needed to leave close to 6:00 to return to her host family. Our only regret is that we didn’t get together sooner! She returns to the States this week.

Thanks, Cheryl, for thinking to ask her to come for dinner. I really love this kind of day.



  1. jealous jealous jealous…not pretty, I know, not godly, either, but true! 🙂 Did she study with Karen Springs, then? I hope there is some coffee cafe time when I come back! Miss you! Well, ALL of you! 🙂

  2. Now there is another reason to make a return visit to Kyiv – see you guys and go to that cafe! Please say hello to Cheryl from all of us!

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