New friends

On Wednesday, Jim and I had the pleasure of having lunch with a family who is in Kyiv specifically to adopt a child who is HIV+. They are a wealth of information for anyone interested in adopting an HIV+ child from Ukraine. (Though they cannot yet post a picture of this child — she is not legally theirs until they go to court — we were able to see pictures that were taken at the orphanage. How wonderful to recognize this little girl and know that soon, if there are no complications, she will actually have a family!)

Morgan, Jaime, Joe

Morgan, Jaime, Joe

Jaime, Joe and Morgan are blogging about their experiences and I will be adding their site to my blogroll. But not yet. No time. I will also be adding a section of blogs and websites specific to HIV+ children. But meanwhile, click here to read the adventures of adopting in Ukraine!


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