Picnic in the park

After several days of intermittent rain and a chill in the air, we truly appreciated a sunny Sunday. Not too hot, not too cold. We learned that there would be a concert in Marinsky Park that evening, sponsored in part by our church. We had several friends who planned to be in Kyiv that evening (we were all going to dinner together), and we proposed this new plan: meet at the park and have a picnic dinner before the concert.

All agreed to this Plan B. Several of us went to the local supermarket and purchased grapes, cheese, meat, rolls, crackers, chips and drinks. Everything we would need. While we were shopping, Jim gathered paper plates, napkins and plasticware that we already owned.

Reenie and Chris

Reenie and Chris

Chris and Reenie rode with Jake from Chernigiv. They are two really fun young ladies. We engaged in serious discussions, we laughed, we ate and we listened to the concert before heading back to our flat where they spent the night.


Also with us at the concert was Cheryl who has been a houseguest for several nights. (I asked her how she felt about additional roommates before I agreed to Chris and Reenie staying over…) They have all known each other longer than I have known them, so no problem.
Maia with Anya

Maia with Anya

Jake is an American pastor married to a beautiful Ukrainian gal named Anya. They are expecting their second child so they are currently living in Kyiv as they wait for the big day. After he preached in Chernigiv on Sunday, he drove Chris and Reenie to Kyiv where he picked up his wife and their daughter from her mother’s flat.
Jim and Jake

Jim and Jake

We look forward to future visits from these characters, particularly while Jake and Anya are here in Kyiv. And we are also taking the preliminary steps to organize a medical conference in their fair city. Can’t wait to see it firsthand…



  1. SO very jealous! Bummer! So many of my favorite people all together in one place. Wish I could have been there! So glad you guys had a good time!

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