They’re back!

Yesterday, Jamie and Dasha arrived back in Ukraine for the first time since they moved to Boston in January. Though we had seen them on our trip to the States in March/April, Dasha’s family and their friends were so looking forward to this moment. You can imagine how disappointed we all were when their flight was HOURS late.

Sasha and Lena flew the American flag in their honor.

The Stars and Stripes

The Stars and Stripes

And Sasha added his secret sauce to the chicken that he was grilling later in the day. (And, no, it’s not Bailey’s, even though it IS a Bailey’s bottle!!)
Secret sauce

Secret sauce

Jim and Sasha drove the 10 minutes to the airport while the rest of us enjoyed sitting in the backyard. The temperature was so pleasant — hot in the sun, but quite comfortable in the shade. By nightfall, most everyone had added another layer or two of clothing. Ahhh, I really do love this weather…but I digress…

We heard car doors slam and knew that any moment we would be seeing our children. Babusya made a beeline to her granddaughter. And then Lena joined the hug: three generations!

Three generations!

Three generations!

Food and drink were on the table and the fire was started to grill the meat.
Fresh and tasty

Fresh and tasty

And then Dasha’s best friend from childhood entered the backyard. What a sweet reunion.
Best friends

Best friends

A great evening with a full moon, full tummies and full hearts.



  1. riverblues says:

    Very sweet! How long are they there? I like Babusya’s pink crocs:-)

  2. I’m so hormonal! This made me cry:)

  3. riverblues: For a couple of weeks. Dasha’s brother, his wife and their little one arrive on Saturday and ALL of them will going to Crimea for 10 days or so. (Brother’s wife’s parents live in Crimea.) Then they will return and be in Kyiv for another couple of days. We’ll get more time with them then. Oh, and Babusya LOVES the crocs!!

    kibbe: See, you can’t have these joyful reunions until AFTER you let them go. Just sayin’. (This is to give all of those who are letting go this year something to really look forward to!!)

  4. Hi,

    I am currently in Kiev adopting an HIV+ little girl from the baby house Berezka (sp?) in Kiev. I know you are very busy, especially with your family visiting but I would love to maybe get together to talk about the work you do with the HIV+ orphans. We had originally thought we would be adopting a child from Simferopol, but there have been complications with adoptions in that region recently so we are here in Kiev for our entire trip. I expect to be here at least another month.

    Please email me when you have time.


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