Church visitors

Did I happen to mention that we were given permission to take two inpatients from the National Children’s Hospital to church with us on Sunday?

We simply asked if ever we might take children to church, and, to our surprise, the answer was YES! In fact, they said that we could have taken more than the 2 or 3 we specifically wanted. For the first time, though, we wanted to be sure that we could handle the children by ourselves.

Dasha attends a Baptist church in her hometown and was so excited to go to ANY church, I think. But she felt right at home as the musicians recognized her from camp and immediately greeted her. She knew many of the songs from her own church so she was quite at home.

Ilya, on the other hand, didn’t know us. He wasn’t able to attend camp though he had wanted to be there. He didn’t want to miss another opportunity for an excursion of sorts. This eight-year-old ventured out with us to attend church for the very first time in his life. He sat between Jim and me and took in the sights and singing around him. Then he got tired and fell asleep with his head on my lap. As we were leaving church, Pastor Ivan asked him what he thought about church and he honestly answered, “I slept for most of it.”



Following church we nabbed one of the musicians and headed to McDonald’s for lunch. The children missed their scheduled lunch time at the hospital so we happily provided a fun meal.
Lunchtime at McDonald's

Lunchtime at McDonald's

It was actually sad to drop them off at the hospital. Dasha couldn’t have been more thankful, both for church and for lunch. She leaves Kyiv this week to return home.

We look forward to continued cooperation between UMO and area hospitals.

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