Rude awakening

About 5:45 this morning, Jim and I heard an incredibly loud crash followed by the sound of broken glass. We both shot out of bed and Jim ran to the balcony overlooking the street. The intersection near our flat is the home of many an accident so we figured we were about to see the results of yet another collision.

Jim looked both up and down the street and as we met in the corridor to head back to our room I commented that the breaking glass had really sounded close. Funny how the sound travels.

And then we looked into the “big room.” The family room, the living room, the computer room, the TV room, whatever you want to call it. Both doors to the china shkaf were open. And plates, serving dishes, glasses…broken to bits.

Apparently the glass shelf had just reached its limit, after five years of holding the china and glasses that had been in Jim’s family over the years.

Bam!  Crash!  Smash!

Bam! Crash! Smash!

Not one of the goblets survived the fall, but we were thrilled to learn that three dinner dishes, four luncheon plates, four bread plates, and two small bowls were totally intact. So we can still have an intimate dinner for two (guess it’s a good thing that all the kiddos have moved out!) and we can have guests for lunch. Oh, and the cups and saucers were in a different section of the shkaf, so we can even have a tea party. Or coffee klatsch.

A bummer to lose such beautiful dishes that actually had some history to them, but so thankful that no one was hurt. Things are just things, even if they’re beautiful.

(Less weight to pack if and when we should ever move from here…)



  1. sorry to hear you lost some special things. You can always buy more and make them special too =) I’m just glad you weren’t robbed. That’s what I though it was at first.

  2. Wow! One question: what were you still doing in bed at 5:45?

    Seriously, that’s an impressive and unfortunate breaking of glass.

    Perhaps there was a Hebrew wedding of some of the ghosts of Ukrainians past.

  3. THe kids were sitting in the living room the other night and out of the blue, for no apparent reason, the giant canvas on the mantle toppled over and took everything else on the mantle with it. They were all shell-shocked.
    Oddly enough this same thing happened with a different picture in the same spot about ten years ago.
    What’s that about!?
    Glad neither of your hearts was affected by shock of shattering! 🙂

  4. oh, bummer, Marianna! So sorry you lost those things…but yeah, I was with Tanya as I read the first of your blog, so I’m really glad to hear that wasn’t the case! (no pun intended!) Here’s hoping you have new china and glasses for new memories! 🙂

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